Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Genuinue Carbon Fibre?

Yes, unless otherwise stated. All our Carbon Fibre products are manufactured using the pre-preg manufacture process. Widely adopted by automotive and aerospace industries as the industry standard for carbon fibre production. This means you can be sure of a high-quality surface finish; no excessive weight being added whilst retaining excellent structural rigidity.

Can I Return My Item(s)?

We can only accept returns if the items are left un-touched and un-fitted to the vehicle showing no signs of damage.

For all other information regarding our shipping and returns policy, please visit the link below:

Do You Ship Internationally?

In short, yes. We offer worldwide shipping, except North Korea.

Do you offer fitting of the items?

We only offer a fitting service in the UK but it is dependent on location and availability. Otherwise most parts can be fitted yourself or by your local bodyshop/garage.

Do You Accept All Major Credit Cards?

Yes. We accept major Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

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