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SALE on Colour Shift DRLs - Code: COLOUR for 10% OFF. Offer ends in:


COLOUR SHIFT daytime running lights

Raw design co.

the ultimate visual mod to take your build to that next level.

designed for your headlights - these replace the daytime running light units located on the back of your headlights and unlocks a whole host of features and functionality.

pick from every colour under the sun - available right at you finger tips via our mobile app - make your
presence known by setting the boot colour on ignition - range of different flashing modes to choose from - it's time to party. have them dance to the beat of your tunes - light up the night - accent it. colour match with your build - two options available

prices start from £175

red. green. blue.

selection from every colour under the sun.

our drl units have been kitted out with additional leds and a bit of tech. this unlocks a much wider range of colour options to choose from. It comes with a whole host of features and functionality as you are about to find out

make your

set the boot colour
when you turn on ignition.

light up the night.

the dark just got colourful.

right at your fingertips

our colour shifting drls are bluetooth enabled. this means you are able to effortlessly take full control over them from the comfort of your phone using our mobile app. simply pair our drls to your phone and you are good to go.

available for both apple and android devices.

one hundred percent
more colour

unlock a whole host of features and functionality with our app.

in a blink of an eye.

option to choose from various flashing modes with a wide selection of colour combinations to suit your needs. options are endless.

static - breathe - blink - jump - gradual






it's time to party.

bet you didn't know our drls dance to the beat of your music did you?